All over patterns

Become the owner of your own 1-1 pattern. All patterns are completely unique and made manually by Sigrid, illustrator and graphic designer.

A seamless pattern is a drawing designed like a tile: when you use the file to fill a larger area, you won’t see any seams between the images and they flow smoothly into each other.

Use them to make your own backgrounds, wallpaper, banners, books, notebooks, etc.

As long as you own the NFT, you can use the file for anything, including commercially.

All Over Patterns is a dynamic collection, where new designs can be added by the designer.


I’m an illustrator, who loves to play around with different materials. Working on small surfaces like mini art books, but also love to make murals. Playing around with paint, aquarel and alcoholmarkers makes me happy.

But when I’m on the road, I use my iPad with the Procreate app. It gives me so much opportunities. One of the things I like about, is that you have acces to so much different brushes, which I can use to create almost everything I have in mind!

First NFT project

I started this project because I want to be able to share my work with the world. I want to make the world more colorful and these patterns are great for that!

I didn’t create a discord for the project because this project is really just about my illustrations. You can always reach me through my twitter account: Coockjes NFT

Or via email: click here

Where to buy?

You can find the NFT’s on:

Open Sea

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